Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ceramic Perpetual Replica Watches UK

The big sales keep piling up here in Geneva. The latest big one to drop is CHF 800,000 ($803184.75 at the time of publication) paid for an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in ceramic.

It’s one hell of a watch, and an expensive one. Back when this reference came out at SIHH 2017, its retail price was announced at $85,000. When AP announced that they’d made a unique blue-dialed version of this guy for Only Watch, the estimate was CHF 80,000-120,000. Boy, was that number way off!

Ceramic Audemars Piguet fake watches UK.

What’s so remarkable here is that this watch doesn’t come with a new movement, like the FP Journe that sold today. Nor does it arrive with a new case design, bracelet design, or material. Really, what the buyer paid a 10x premium for, was the right to own a Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar with an exclusive dial color. It’s  crazy stuff.

There were plenty of other big figures reached for Audemars Piguet copy watches at Only Watch, from CHF 6.2 million for a unique Patek Philippe to a record-setting CHF 1.2 million for the aforementioned Journe. And let’s not forget the Bronze Tudor Black Bay that also crushed its own pre-sale estimates. You can check out the catalogue listing for this one – lot no. 47.

UK Jacob & Co Astronomia Series Hollow Out Dial Leather Strap Replica Watches

Jacob & Co replica is by no means your average brand. In its collection, it combines dazzling diamond set watches, with highly complicated watch such as the twin turbo. Amidst all this the Astronomia stands apart, with its unique movement that gives a different spin on pretty much everything.

You can take this literally as it features a dial that displays the hours and minutes which rotates in 20 minutes on the central axis. This is combined with a spherical diamond, cut in the patented Jacob cut, which turns around its own axis, as well as that of the center axis, and a magnesium lacquered globe that does the same. The tourbillon that finishes off the quartet that makes up the complications in this watch actually rotates around three axes.

Limited edition Jacob & Co Astronomia fake UK.

The beauty of this movement is not only so much its complexity, but also that there is not that much movement to see. By letting it float through the case of the watch Jacob & Co creates a mesmerizing visual spectacle. They even enhance this by the different versions of the watch.

The Astronomia Flawless puts the complication in a fully sapphire case. With no place to hide it becomes clear how truly unique the movement is, and how spectacular its complications.

The Astronomia Dragon combines the sapphire case of the Flawless with a dragon that curves between the complications. This micro sculpture shows incredible details, making the watch a true piece of horological art.

The Astronomia Sky adds even further to the complexity of the watch, by integrating a three-dimensional sidereal display. Set against a vibrant blue background, the different complications seem to float in space, much like a space station.

Of course, as the replica Astronomia is a Jacob & Co a gemstone set version is mandatory! Apart from several amazing versions featuring colored sapphires, there is also one set with baguette cut colorless diamonds. While the Astronomia doesn’t really need it, they further elevate the looks of this amazing, making it truly an Haute Complication!

Complex machinal movement fake Jacob & Co Astronomia watches UK.